6 Stages of Geosteering (Un)certainty

by | Jul 17, 2019

Hey folks, want to share something on the lighter side of geosteering ops.  (Check our our other technical posts here!) Any geologist who geosteers long enough can experience some serious ups and downs and we’re not talking about inclination or dip. Just to be fair we’ll look for another list to cover the engineering side of operations… enjoy!

    1. It’s a lock! I know exactly where we are, I would bet my bonus on it. I AM A GEOLOGIST!
    2. Barely detectable queasy feeling, maybe bad data or a bad kolache from the drilling meeting. More data should clear things up, still confident and in control.
    3. More data not helping… self-doubt creeping in, nail-biting, facial tic and anti-social behavior evident.
    4. Just communicated 17th target change, driller stopped taking my calls. Moving past rationalization and steaming towards denial. Questioning career choices, sleep will not come.
    5. Facial tic debilitating… can’t stop re-interpreting. Excuses and oaths flowing in waves. Seeking validation from anyone who comes near. Co-workers avoiding contact. HR called, I have been randomly selected.
    6. Lost beyond redemption and geologic reason, oddly calm. The accountants know I’m lost. Mom called, how did she know? Drilling and Completion engineers officially and openly despise me. Still oddly calm… Can PowerPoint save me?

From time-to-time, most of us need some experienced support in a 24/7/365 geosteering operation. If you find yourself in need, please give BHL Consulting a call, we would love to help!

Can you relate to any of the stages above?  Please comment below!

Written by John Northcott

Written by John Northcott


John is the president of BHL Consulting. He started geosteering Austin Chalk wells in the 90’s. As a Geologist, John loves problem solving and integrating just one more piece of data to benefit his clients. Throughout his 30+ year career he’s served in multiple roles focused on unconventional plays, including: operations, development, E&P technology and management. Favorite quote "We can’t guarantee success, but we can deserve it." John Adams, 1776 (from “Cato”, by Joseph Addison, 1712). You can reach John at [email protected]


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