Looking for BHL Boresight?

You deserve high-quality interpretations from geologists you can trust, so you can drill your horizontal wells with confidence.

Geosteering services from 10+ year geologists.

You’re a frontline operations geologist. Do any of these describe you?

  • You’re focused on filling the drilling schedule hopper and evaluating opportunities, on top of covering 24/7 operations.
  • You lug your device everywhere and constantly sneak away from family and friends to check your well.
  • Your team doesn’t have budget for another in-house geo, but you frequently need a colleague to bounce ideas off.
  • You’ve tried 3rd party geosteering but never felt confident and were compelled to watch them like a hawk. It just wasn’t worth the time and expense.
  • Alarm goes off 2-3 times a night to check on your well and the lack of sleep is causing stress and taking its toll.
  • You want to work with a 3rd party geosteerer who can work in your favorite software.

How BHL geosteering consulting can help you…

  • Flexibility—we start with your requirements and provide the service that fits your expectations, well by well if needed.
  • Work—collaborate and depend on a consulting geologist who has been in your shoes.
  • Quality interpretations and recommendations from a consultant with 10+ years of experience.
  • Dependable communications—you set the parameters and we keep you informed.
  • Continuity—you will finish the pad with the same dedicated consultants you started with, well after well. No need to “re-train” your consultant every two weeks.
  • Set up “call me” criteria, if we don’t call, let the reports wait a little while and focus on other pressing tasks.
  • Geosteering support around the clock. Make it through dinner with your spouse without checking your well and maybe even get a full night’s rest.
  • You will be heard and understood no matter who you talk to at BHLC; consultants, management, scheduling, and sales positions are all staffed by experienced geologists.
  • Hit your morning drilling meetings with an up to the minute interpretation, alternates, and a plan forward.
  • Get more done. Let your BHL consultant do some of your time-consuming but necessary tasks. Build geosteering projects, create custom post-well reports and displays, plot completion plans, or re-steer offsets to prepare for the next well.
  • Work in your favorite geosteering software- BHLC is software agnostic to best support you!

You’re a manager needing geologic support. Do any of these describe you?

  • You have a green light to ramp up operations and a narrow window to locate and onboard the geologic staff that you need for success.
  • You need geosteering services, but you also need a development geologist to work the asset prior to drilling.
  • G&A budget doesn’t support hiring, but you need a senior geologist on your project.
  • Your drilling schedule is intermittent and hiring another full-time geo just doesn’t make sense.
  • Your geologic ops group is doing a great job, but you’re concerned about burn-out and retention.
  • You need geologic support in the office or sometimes remote support would be more cost effective and preferred.

BHL geosteering consulting will…

  • Provide you the ultimate in flexibility, no long-term commitments required.
  • Match your geologic support needs to our network of senior geologists.
  • Create maps, progs and other geologic well planning products for a fraction of the cost. You pay reasonable hourly rates for actual work done. Cost-effective, no salary. total efficiency. 
  • Work directly with your drilling and operations engineers to plan and execute safe, efficient wells.
  • Maximize returns by leveraging fit for purpose geologic support.
  • Jump right into your existing geologic projects in any geologic application platform.
  • BHL licenses it on geosteering software, save the cost of additional licences.

“I rely on BHL Consulting both for total geosteering guidance and second opinion consultation on jobs that cannot fail.”


"Consistent professional guidance through steering correlations and interpretations from BHL Consulting has allowed our company to have confidence placing the borehole where it needs to be."


"The consultants are engaged. Good communication and individualized commitment has been my experience.