BHL Consulting History

About Us

How It All Began

Raymond Woodward began horizontal-well consulting in late 1999, having several years experience in the field already under his belt. BHL Consulting, Inc was incorporated in October 2000. By 2003, Raymond realized that he needed a truly fast, reliable, flexible geosteering software tool, but could not find one that was commercially available. So, he set to work creating his own.

Woodward applied nine years accumulated experience to the initial design work. He hired Kent Davis to write the program code, and the earliest version went into service in 2004, exclusively within BHL Consulting, Inc. Eventually, BHL Consulting clients took interest in the software, and a large mid-cap operator became the first commercial software customer in 2006.

BHL Consulting now contracts with hand-picked, BHL-trained geologists who have interpreted horizontal wells in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia in numerous basins, many formations, for dozens of operators, in thousands of wells.

By June 2008, the demand for Boresight software prompted the spin-off of BHL Boresight, Inc. with Kent Davis and Raymond Woodward as partners. Shortly thereafter, they brought on two additional full-time software developers. In 2010, John Northcott joined the team as a partner. He gave oversight to the geosteering consulting arm of the BHL Companies.

As BHL grew, the partners recognized that their clients would be better served by more streamlined, focused services. To accomplish that, the BHL Companies were divided into BHL Boresight (software) & BHL Consulting in early 2020. Today, Raymond Woodward and Kent Davis own and operate BHL Boresight while John Northcott owns and operates BHL Consulting. As result, each company gets to do only what it does best. And that’s good for everyone—especially you.

Ready to make your project more efficient, more accurate, and more profitable? BHL Consulting can help.