It’s Not All Cheetos and Dr. Pepper- 7 Ways Remote Geosteering Benefits the Operator

by | Feb 1, 2021

The negative mental picture.

Did you hear the one about the remote geosteerer working in their Tigger pajamas, chain eating Cheetos and swigging Dr. Pepper from a 2-liter bottle while steering your well? Yeah, we heard it too. The image was delivered as a sales pitch for operation centers. It was a bad pitch then and just plain silly in light of today’s realities.


2020 was a proving ground for remote work and validated the model for all kinds of roles and services within our industry and beyond. We’ve been delivering remote geosteering services for over 20 years and are pleased to share what that experience can mean to you. Below are 7 big advantages you can expect when hiring remote geosteering services to support your operations.

7 Benefits to the operator

1. Long-term dedication

You get to work with the same steering geologists well after well and year after year. Your requirements and unique communication style are anticipated and made routine- thanks to a super high retention rate of individual consultants.

Good geologists stick around in remote settings. Our current group of consultants has been with us from 8-12 years!

For you as an operator that’s a huge efficiency driver. You don’t have to spend time re-explaining your preferences and expectations every time you drill a well. When you’re confident you can trust your consultant; you don’t have to spend your time looking over their shoulder and second-guessing their work.

2. Experience in your corner

When you work with remote geosteering professionals, you get to work with the most technically competent and experienced consultants in the industry. With high retention comes experience and with experience comes confidence.

Remote geosteering geologists are in it for the long haul. With every well, they see something slightly different, learn something new and refine their craft.

3. Focus

You and your well get undivided attention and laser focus.

BHL Consultants’ home office environments are free from commuting stress, office politics, and meeting overload. It’s easy to stay focused for long intervals and help you produce great results when they aren’t dealing with distractions of a company office and commute.

4. Commitment to your ops

Everyone who has made a living in 24/7/365 operations knows it’s not a “normal job”. It takes commitment, discipline, and focus.

Working remote has an obvious upside for geosteering consultants: they can live and work where they choose. This is a huge factor in retention- you benefit by working with motivated geologists that are committed, plugged-in, and never stuck in traffic.

5. Continuity throughout your well

You don’t have to deal with mid-well hand-offs like you do with rotational support. BHL consultants don’t work on a rotational schedule. They commit to a well, client or an operator.

You finish projects with the same consultants you start with. Nothing lost in hand-offs, no readjusting to new styles or altered workflows. Continuity allows you to build confidence in your consultant- and provides the value you are looking for.

6. You’re supported by an entire remote team

Your consultant has back-up and support from the entire BHL team, we are not confined to shifts. We are all looking out for you and your wells when critical decisions arise.

Our group lives and works hundreds of miles apart, but with cloud-based services we are only a few clicks away from real-time collaboration with you and the BHLC organization.

Everyone at BHLC is an experienced geologist, some of us have expanded our skills in management, sales, marketing, and customer management, but we all started as operations geologist. Point being, your front-line consultant routinely leverages internal BHLC support and this adds decades of experience to critical decisions.

6. Ownership

Your consultants take ownership in your success. BHL strongly encourages long and efficient working relationships between you and your consultants. Our consultants prefer to work in engagements with a sense of ownership and teamwork that professionals thrive in, again… trust, confidence, quality.

Scrap the bad mental image

So now that you have a bit more insight on the advantages of working with remote consultants (and better understanding- having worked from home yourself in 2020), can we agree to finally scrap that mental image of the remote geosteerer eating Cheetos and chugging DP in PJ’s? Instead let’s create a new one.

The new mental image

An image of you being supported by experienced and well compensated geologists’ who don’t require supervision. Specialized geologists who have chosen an operations-focused lifestyle to provide you excellent value, flexibility, and top-notch support. Paint the picture of a professional who leverages professional support, ownership, and teamwork to excel and deliver quality results to you around the clock.

Thanks for reading. We love to hear from you. Have you used remote steering support in the past? Do you feel different about remote working after your own recent experience? Please comment below!

Written by John Northcott

Written by John Northcott


John is the president of BHL Consulting. He started geosteering Austin Chalk wells in the 90’s. As a Geologist, John loves problem solving and integrating just one more piece of data to benefit his clients. Throughout his 30+ year career he’s served in multiple roles focused on unconventional plays, including: operations, development, E&P technology and management. Favorite quote "We can’t guarantee success, but we can deserve it." John Adams, 1776 (from “Cato”, by Joseph Addison, 1712). You can reach John at [email protected]


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